personal entry #8

dearest diary,
entry #8

HELLO! Since it’s late in the afternoon and I just woke up from a series of on and off naps, I feel relaxed enough to blog! OKAY. SO, I had my GRADUATION BALL ❤ LAST NIGHT and…I had to say, it was better than I expected. It exceeded my expectations of what I thought it was going to be, it’s EPIC. The performances, the food, the overall feeling of the night was BEATIFUL. Also, BORN THIS WAY played and I was literally crying with tears of joy with my BFFE Monster – Sarry-boo (Sara) as earlier that day, same-sex marriage in NY was allowed. NY MONSTERS WERE BORN THIS WAY. It was such an emotional night. I got a call at 12:03am as Tom wanted to check how I was, which is pretty amazing :3 You’re amazing Tom. I love you so much ♥ Only 3 more days to go.

The Graduation Ball was like a disco-stick unicorn hooker inferno. The lights, music, glitter and blanket of perfume made the night so friggin’ magical. FUNICORNSck :p

Don’t evenDon’t even mention the AFTER PARTY. It was SO CRAZY. SO MANY PPL ..okay i can’t even. if you wanna chat please txt me or tweet me HERE 😀 @ammuffin <- i don’t bite + i just did some selfish promo hehehe.

okay, well until WEDNESDAY :d ONLY 2 MORE EXAMS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!


Töm ♥

we’re on the SCHEIßE, yeah!


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