1st June! / personal entry #6

    • 945 views all-time
    • 18 views today
    • 85 views on your busiest day, May 30, 2011
FIRSTLY, happy JUNE! I can’t believe it’s already june…27 days until I’m done with my GCSEs :’) and I have my MATHS + HISTORY + ICT + SCIENCE RESITS left 🙂 LAWL. i guess this is a personal entry/blog post
WAZZUUUP? lol revising for history/blogging at the moment! imma revise maths on saturday + sun + early mondayyyyy cuz i roll like that…..Urhhhh..yeah 🙂 i guess that’s it.
oh and also 945 viewss? BACK DA EFF UP ninjas!

Months and Years

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
2011 8 22 898 18
lol so far i’ve got 18 views for JUNE and 898 views all together in May alone 😀 hehe so happy! i love this blog growing with monstersss..us lil monsters have grown up 😉
ANYWAYSSSS!! i’m kinda waffling on about what not so imma head off x
tweet me ; @ammuffin
drop a comment below to say hi! COME ON 😛 out of all those views, there must be one person :PLove you guysssss
xoxo –

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