personal entry; #4

dum dum da di da, dum dum da di da, dadi da da dumdum da di da~ BLOODY MARY 

dearest diary,

yars. it’s been a week and I’M BACK WITH ANOTHER personal entry /femaledogs c:
i’m doing my BIO revision for my BIO exam which is in 5 hours from now…1PM D: but I’ve been revising non-stop for these last two days, even though I’ve been blogging AND BORN THIS WAY has leaked. YES, a week before the release. that’s pretty darn amazing. Atleast, it isn’t a MONTH before or anything! LOL. I’ve listened to it. Currently listening to it, actually. LOVE IT. So many tracks, too much love. No hate. BORN THIS WAY is my album of 2011. It’ll be a hit.

Awards + Video performances + a sold out tour of 2 years perhaps? I can see it.

Oh lawd. I’m so nervous. Even though I scored 32/45 from my most recent past paper = A* btw. I’m still kinda. :\ errrrr about it. HOO HAA. And then CHEMISTRY is next wednesday….euuuurgh FOUNDATION tier, i’m only doing that because my teacher is like so damn boring and im failing uughhhhh. 😦

AIFHSOIFHIOFHA. okay, so on FRIDAY night im going to have a born this way PARTAY and ive invitied a selection of people. lol imma post ma invitation y’all X

invitation ; address not included

i also have the plan for the night but i wont post that here. i’ll post it in a seperate one.

Welll thaaaaatzz alllll YAH? 😀 hehe

ps; i already pre-ordered the SPECIAL EDITION and a STANDARD EDITION as a gift for a friend 😀 hehe.


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