personal entry; #2

dearest diary,
entry #2


It’s been a week or so since my last personal entry and so here I am typing these words for the 2nd personal entry.

My first exam is tomorrow UGH UGH UGH. It’s English but it’s like kinda hit me now, that it’s TOMORROW. ACTUALLY, AT THIS TIME, TOMORROW I AM ALREADY SITTING MY FIRST-WRITTEN GCSE EXAMINATION. ajhhhhhhhhhhhhhiosdhaosfihaoifah. i’m kinda nervous :< i’m going to look for some prom dresses + hairstyles and all that for next month’s prom.

Can’t wait! Although, Tom won’t be here yet, it’ll still be amazing ♥ I’m going to go with my guy best friend- Greg 🙂 Dont be jealous Tom 😉 I STILL LOVE YOU 😀 It’ll be so frickin amazing..3 hrs of amazingness + the afterparty that me, lily and aly are organising at this hotel that I cannot reveal for personal + security reasons. BUT, it’ll be like from 12am-3am or something whenever people pass out 😉 I just said to my ‘rents that it’s a HUGE sleepover with all the girls in my year, where in reality it’ll be around 50% of my year in 2 connecting rooms. Ofcourse, they all have to contribute a fee. LOL. I ain’t that rich to afford 2 fancy shmancy rooms! 😛 ADDITIONALLY, me + lils +  aly are staying over for a night so thats additional to the party.

I finish school today for study leave or in other words, YEAR 11. it’s been such an AMAZING journey from year 10-> year 11 and it’s made me feel so emotional but it really has been such a fun and challenging experience and now i have to face what everyone will face. GCSE exams. It’ll be a hectic 2 months but I promise you will see a couple updates here and there during this crazy exam period. I’ll also be blogging away for my Born This Way album review once it’s out and it’ll be a great day full of listening to her songs + an explosion of creativity from Mother Monster herself.

Anywayyyyyyysss,  personal entry; #3 will be up soon! again. maybe next week or at the end of may 😛 love you guys so much!

PS; I checked my stats and i have over 173 views all-time which is PRETTY SWEEEEEET. Which is 55 more views than last Saturday. Which means, there are atleast 55 more muffin monsters out there 😉  xxo


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