Amelia and Amelia: The Art Of Fame

Made a couple of album covers. Felt bored so might as well post ’em up.




©Lady Gaga, Amelia Squire.


I like the first one because it’s like a homage to Gaga herself. Believing in inner grace and beauty. The first album would be finding myself. Perfecting art and fame. Which leads to the second “album”. The “Part Deux” version of my debut is “The Art Of Fame”. I’ve perfected it. At the top. Mastered it. Perfection + Beauty = The Art Of  Fame. Creating a story through not only words but an explosion of expression, perfection, fame and art.

Perfecting the art of Perfection. Find your self. Amelia
Perfection, Fame and Art. Amelia: The Art Of Fame

♥ – amy



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