3AM. Cigarettes + Eyeliner= Beautiful Nightmare

Soooooooooooooo…It’s 3am..
YEAH! I’m using my phone because I carn’t be arsed to get my laptop that is only at the other side of the room. It’s kinda far, heh. Ok. So I can’t sleep at all. I think i’m jet lagged. not quite sure. Hmm..today was aweeeeeeesomeeeeee…now this is typed from my phone so i’m just going to be lazy.

i’ll give you the more detailed details later on 😀

Day 2 of 9.

– Went out to visit mum’s friends who live here
– Look at sunglasses with Caitlin
– Lunch at the Dorsey’s residence :3
– Dinner from room service. HAMBURGER. NOM NOM NOM. ❤
– Napped at tom's house, in his room :B :* omfgg. hisss bed… :b
– Went back to le hotel and fell asleep straight away

I'm still in the dress i wore this morning. Feck it. I don't care. I think ill try to go back to sleep now. I LOVE YOU ALL <33 we need a skype session, u know who you are 🙂



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