Sydney: Day 1

Sydney – Day 1 of 9.

  • Arrival (2pm-5pm)

– Arrived at around 2PM. Waitied for Tom’s parents and himself to pick us up to send us to our hotel. During the waiting time, I made this fabulous blog for everyone. Also, I just kind of wanted to keep a diary on what was happening in Sydney. You know, reminiscing all the events at a later period. Yeap. Anyways, after we arrived at the hotel. I showered, changed into my pretty spotted dress Aly bought for me last year. (Love you and miss you!). Then went out to eat at Tom’s place.

  • Evening (5pm- now)

– Afterwards, Me, Freya, Tom and Harry went out to hang out and we went to the Apple Store, Starbucks and then went to this aaaaaaawesome Froyo place called Swirlie’s. We were out for a few hours then we went to Tom’s place, had dinner. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. And now I’m here 😉 11:34PM Sydney time. Mhmmm…


Today was AMAZING. Great, lovely, magnificent. Speechless!!!

As well listening to My Beautiful Dark Fantasy by Kanye West. I was looking for Born This Way covers and found this video below:


It’s Ariana Grande from Victorious. Maybe the video is kinda “Ermm…” but her voice is frickin amazing and I never realised she could sing. ADHIOSFHIOHIOSHRIEOHVIOH. ♄ Ariana Grande FTW.



Anyways, I wanna get my mack on with Tom ;D

♡ ♔ ✝ Amy


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